What Causes Depression?

As someone who suffers from depression, I was intrigued by M. Scott Peck's description of depression in The Road Less Traveled. According to him, depression is sometimes what we experience as we are giving up our "old self."
“Since mentally healthy human beings must grow, and since giving up or loss of the old self is an integral part of the process of mental and spiritual growth, depression is a normal and basically healthy phenomenon. It becomes abnormal or unhealthy only when something interferes with the giving-up process, with the result that the depression is prolonged and cannot be resolved by completion of the process.” (Wisdom from The Road Less Traveled, 2001).
I just read that today, but I can see where it makes sense. Part of growing up means letting go of the old and accepting the new. The times when I have been the most depressed have been the times when I have tried to hold on to the past—but the past cannot be held. As a result of my inability to recapture what is lost, I become depressed.

Fascinating, fascinating thought.


  1. Yup, as someone who has been there as well, I can definitely agree with that paragraph. In my case, it was also more of fearing for the future and what that could bring. Love your blog btw.

  2. I never thought of depression in that way, but it makes total sense. I love reading your blog!

  3. Wow! Thank you for sharing this. It makes so much sense now.

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  6. And that is so true. Many of us are sad, sad as those who lay in bed all day and night, except that we are simply too busy to keep depression in our bodies. Take a clue from that fairy tale joke and get yourself busy right now. cbd oil gummies


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