To Hunger for Revenge

The Count of Monte Cristo, my favorite movie. :)
A friend of mine (who is also a counselor) once told me that "humans, crave revenge. To us, it's almost a sensual, pleasurable thing. A movie or a book is not satisfying to us unless the villain 'gets what he deserves.'"

I've pondered what he said for a while now. I believe it's true. Some of the coolest movies are the movies in which the villain receives the most poetic/dramatic death (right now, I'm picturing the final fight from the movie Gladiator—that guy had it coming!).

Without question or dispute, my favorite movie is The Count of Monte Cristo (I'm sorry, but the movie sooo much better than the book. Believe me, I read the UNABRIDGED version. I know what I'm talking about!!).

I was watching the movie today as I finished remodeling our living room. In it, Edmund Dantes spends almost sixteen years plotting revenge against the people that betrayed him.

As his hunger for revenge ravenously consumes him, he loses his sense of the sweetness of life and nearly loses the woman he loves.

To hunger for revenge revenge is to be filled with poison. When we hate another human being we personify the very things we say we hate in others. On top of that, the cycle of revenge will never end until someone forgives. Truly, the philosophy of "an eye for an eye" really does make the whole world blind.

In conclusion, I thoroughly enjoy this quote from James Allen: "Whatever others may say of you, whatever they may do to you, do not return hatred with hatred. Hatred is so small and poor, so blind and wretched. Love is so great and rich, so far-seeing and blissful."