Can One Person Make a Difference?

Can One Person Make a Difference?

I love these lyrics from the musical Dear World. I'm about to launch several new projects and I've been looking for some encouragement. I'm particularly inspired by the line "one person can hold a touch and light up the sky again."

"One Person" 
From the musical Dear World

One person can beat a drum
And make enough noise for ten;
One person can blow a horn
And that little boom
And that little blare
Can make a hundreds others care.
And one person can hold a torch
And light up the sky again.
And one little voice that's squeaking a song,
Can make a million voices strong.
If one person can beat a drum,
And one person can blow a horn,
If one person can hold a torch,
Then one person can change the world!
There may be an army of them
And only a handful of us,
And how can a poor little band fight a mighty regime.
There may be a legion of them,
And only a parcel of us,
But it isn't the size of the first,
It's the size of a dream!

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