The White Wolf vs. The Black Wolf

Some say that within every man and woman there is a white wolf and a black wolf.

The white wolf is gentle and loves mankind. It seeks to help others and lives in harmony with the wilderness. It does not take offense and only fights when it is right to do so and in the right way. Its walking upon the earth is peaceful.

The black wolf is fierce and full of enmity towards mankind.  It seeks to tear others down and destroy all in its path. It is full of hatred and fights with everyone. Its walking upon the earth is war-like.

These two wolves live inside of each of us and both try to dominate our spirits.

The wolf that wins is the one that we feed.


  1. Very true...very very true.

  2. well i totally see where you getting at, but look at it from this perspective. The black wolf hates mankind due to its volatile nature and for the sheer fact that his duty is to protect his lover. Hence why he is war like....and on the other hand the white wolf fights for its own family regardless if it menas the end of her life...


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