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DIY Mountain Mural

I do a lot of work for ANASAZI Foundation , a Wilderness Therapy program for at-risk youth and I frequently visit their lobby. Now, as much as I love ANASAZI, I hated their lobby—its main wall was particularly offensive to mine eyes. Every time I thought about it, I would get an Edgar-Allan-Poe-esque twitch. The wall was driving me mad! Mad, I tell you! Something had to be done. It was either me or the wall and it CERTAINLY wasn't going to be me! I decided to paint a mountain mural over it. And so, eye-a-twitching, I waited until everyone left work—until it was just me and the wall... Then, I created THE MOUNTAIN MURAL! ~Thunder clap in the background~ Supplies Needed: Black Paint White Paint Sahara Desert Sand Paint (Wal-Mart) Warm Caramel Paint (Wal-Mart) Lots of Painters Tape (for outlining the mountains) A Few Paint Brushes (for painting the outlines of the mountains) Lots of Rollers (for most of the painting) Paint Trays (in which you roll your