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Best Wedding Announcement Ever.

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The Power of Encouragement

Lately, I've been impressed by the power of encouraging someone---by using our words to inspire someone to believe in themselves. Charles Dickens While I was driving from San Francisco to Utah this weekend, I finished listening to How to Win Friends and Influence People . In it, Dale Carnegie shares this touching story: "In the early nineteenth century, a young man in London aspired to be a writer. But everything seemed to be against him. He had never been able to attend school more than four years. His father had been flung in jail because he couldn't pay his debts, and this young man often knew the pangs of hunger. Finally, he got a job pasting labels on bottles of blacking in a rat-infested warehouse, and he slept at night in a dismal attic room with two other boys - guttersnipes from the slums of London. He had so little confidence in his ability to write that he sneaked out and mailed his first manuscript in the dead of night so nobody would laugh at him. Story