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Fear, Truth & Thomas Jefferson

"The man who fears no truth has nothing to fear from lies." - Thomas Jefferson I heard that quote today and I think it's one of the most fascinating things I've ever read. To what extent do I fear the truth? Something to consider. Thomas Jefferson ...something to consider  very deeply....

A Bluth Family Thanksgiving

It's Arrested Development... After visiting family for Thanksgiving, I feel I can somewhat relate to Michael Bluth from Arrested Development (my absolute favorite TV show). As soon as my wife and I opened the front door, my brothers unleashed a wave of sarcastic comments that refused to ebb until everyone had been sufficiently and thoroughly doused. We came for pie, but received a cornucopia of quips, jokes and humiliating reminisces—turning our family together time into a verbal battle for honor, glory and survival. Yes, it was another (in)famous Smith Family Thanksgiving and not an episode of Arrested Development, or even American Gladiators (since when did American Gladiators have delicious pies and cheesecake? I had three pieces, thank you very much). Lest you think that I didn't enjoy my time with my family, let me assure that I had a wonderful time. Sarcasm is the native language of my family and it's how we communicate our love for each other (so yes

The End of the Twinkie, The Beginning of Zombieland

Enjoy the little things (Twinkies)...while they last. Well, I'm sure that most of you have already heard the news that Hostess, the lunch-time delight of every American's childhood, is going out of business. Not only will future generations lose the most epic, unhealthy snack of all time, but road-trippers across America will lose one of their most faithful companions. Truly, the loss of the Twinkie marks the beginning of the end (which is still on for December 21, right?) and brings us closer transforming the plot of the movie Zombieland  into a sad reality. America's economic recession has become a full-blown depression . :( This tragic news makes the 90's Hostess commercial of the unattainable Twinkie prophetically poignant: