Sunday, November 20, 2016

The Light of the World

For reasons to great to enumerate, I am sensitive to any reference, or synonym, of the word "light." Whenever light is mentioned in the scriptures, in stories, in history, or in real life, my ears perk up and my mind starts searching for a deeper meaning to its reference. Because whenever light is involved, there's always a deeper meaning.

When you stop and think about it, light is truly a marvelous and miraculous thing. Physically speaking, light literally gives life and its presence has the power to transform our perception of reality. Spiritually speaking, light has those same powers—spiritual light revitalizes our lives and transforms our perceptions of reality.

There is a story, perhaps as old as time itself, of a Being who came down from the heavens and gave to mankind the gift of fire—or the gift of light. The Ancient Greeks knew Him as Prometheus, yet I know Him by a different name. This gift of fire enabled mankind to do marvelous things. With fire, we could make tools, cook food, stay warm, and—perhaps most importantly—find our way in the dark. The gift of fire, or the gift of light, changed everything.

As you read stories, or watch movies, consider the role of light and how it changes the mood, the setting, or even a character's understanding. Then consider the role of light in your own life. Do you feel dark inside? Are you wandering in the wilderness? If so, I know there exists a Being who is always willing to bring light to your life.